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March 14, 2012


This is what I wake up to every morning…

Grove sunrise 2

…and then people ask my why I love living in Florida…LOL. Who wouldn’t want to have such a lovely surprise in the morning?

Grove sunrise1

See the little white flowers on the trees? They are guilty of producing the sweet perfumed air every Spring. Yes, I have the best mornings here.

March 2, 2012


Oh yeah we got some much needed rain this week.  But this time of the year any morning looks like this: foggy and moist.  The whole garden takes on an aura of mystery and everything looks different.  I went outside barefoot with camera in hand and Niza kitten to keep me company.  I found this hammock ready to lure pests into it.

Spider Hammock

Then I walked some more and picked up a sweet scent in the air…

Orange Blossom

Yes it’s time to fertilize and if you took my advice 2 weeks ago you should be ready to feed you soil.  If you didn’t, then don’t worry.  You still have time to run and get some.  Because our soil is so sandy, organic slow release works best.  It doesn’t wash away into the aquifer with one shower.  And speaking of the aquifer; remember that everything you put in the soil will eventually end up there…and then end up in your drinking water.


February 17, 2012

Time to buy fertilizer

It’s time to check and see if you have enough fertilizer and compost.  Once these orange blossom buds pop open, it’s time to amend the soil.

Orange Blossom Bud

Orange Blossom Bud

January 20, 2010

Whistle while you work…

Oranges2Waste not want not.  A couple of oranges fell in my backyard :-)

While I’m gathering the dried sheets on the clothesline, I can hear the machinery and orange pickers very busy at work. Happy mexican music plays full blast from their radio. It reminds me that even the hardest task is made easier if approached with joy, purpose & music!

Now what to do with the oranges…hmmm

September 25, 2009


Sunset at the grove

I can watch the sunset thru the orange grove right from my back yard :-D