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November 4, 2012

The Yellow House

Back in 1997 when I took my first college art class, my professor told me my drawing marks reminded her of Vincent Van Gogh.  I didn’t know the artist that well except for his painting of Starry Night.  I got a book of the letters he wrote to his brother Theo and read the whole thing for an art history class.  In 2001 I was able to see the painting at the MoMA on a trip to NYC with Di.  Many years have passed and my painting and drawing style have changed but Van Gogh’s yellow house in Arles was always on my mind.

After many years of saving, I was finally able to build my own little yellow house.  It’s out in the back yard, next the the prayer garden.  When I sit in my rocking chair, I can see the sun setting behind the gandures bushes in the evenings.  It’s such a relaxing place.

Of course if you like to create, don’t wait until you can have a studio.  Many times I have had to improvise and use a corner of a bedroom or the garage.  But do create a space of your own.  Decorate it with things that make you smile.  Make sure you take time to sit and relax in it everyday.  Make time to daydream…

September 30, 2010

Making lemonade with my lemon.

HeladoOk…so I can actually live without my camera.  Now my sktechbook has taken it’s place.  The camera was so eager to capture all the juicy colors of life before me with just the click of a button.  Now I have to actually think about the placement of objects and color choices.  Thank goodness for journal prompts on my Twitter feed like this one from Sara Whitmire.  It’s like giving my imagination a morning cup of coffee.  Just enough umph to get ideas going.

September 15, 2010

My First Scrapbooking Attempt

Scrap1I’ve been playing with a lot of paper lately.  I had this idea for a birthday card for my nephew who likes owls.  I sketched the owl on plain paper.  Then I cut up the sketch and used the pieces as patterns to trace on patternd card stock.  Mod Podge keeps the pieces together.

This is a scanned image and the number 10 looks much brighter than what it looks like on the original card. Boy do I miss my camera… Oh wait… didn’t I say that in the last 3 posts?

My nephew is quite the artist himself.  His preferred medium is clay and he had his 1st exhibit at his hometown public library last spring.  My sister sent me this snapshot.

Jr Owl

The apple doesn’t fall far from the Auntie tree : D

September 3, 2010

Leap of Faith

You got to love your kids.  Especially they way they communicate with you when the’re older.  Di has returned to the US after a 2 month stay in Costa Rica.  She acomplished all the goals she set for herself: learn how enviromental protection laws have benefited the country, document how they they manage their sustainable agriculture and become fully bilingual.  Every week she made contact with us and sent pictures of all her travels.  She made a quick stop here to FL before heading to her next adventure.  Before leaving, she left me this video…

Ahhh, yeah.  I love how she just handed me the DVD, took off, never said anything to me and I find out she went bunjee jumping when I decide to watch it.  If you are a Mom, you know what I’m talking about.  But that is so her, brave and free.

I couldn’t get that image of her free falling out of my mind.  I can relate to it because I’m a lucid dreamer and in my dreams I can fly whenever I want to.  The feeling is awsome and liberating.  It’s the same feeling any crafter or artist feels when they are creating something.  We don’t know how it will all end, but it doesn’t matter because the journey is what we enjoy.

Flying Muse