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February 10, 2012


Carrots are devine… You get a dozen for a dime… It’s maaaa-gic! – Bugs Bunny, Rabbit Every Monday, 1951

Carrots 12

My favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny. What’s not to love: he’s smart, cute and he eats crunchy carrots.  I even named my first rabbit Bugs.

So carrots became one of my favorite veggies when I was a kid.  Sweet and colorful…too bad we always had them cooked.  I didn’t get to taste their crunchy goodness until I was an adult.  But now not only do I get to eat them raw, I grow them myself and boy what a difference.  They are so sweet, they should come with a Nutrition Fact label on them.  I’m sure all the healthy goodness will cancel out the very small amount of sugar :)

Florida soil is great for growing carrots.  They seem to have no trouble streching down into the sand.  The trick is to get them started.

I personally don’t do the row thing.  I just sprinkle the seeds evenly over the area in the garden where I want them to grow.  The seeds are very tiny so I don’t cover them with dirt.  The soil requires several sprays a day to keep the delicate sprouts from drying up, but once they have about 2-3 stems about 2-3″ tall I know I’ll be getting a reward.  Yes Bugs, it’s like magic!

December 14, 2011

Painted Glass Ornaments

OrnamentsAfter having a wonderful birthday filled with warm wishes from friends and family; it’s now time to put up Christmas decorations.  This year I’ve seen lots of pictures of friends homes and their lovely trees.  Not to mention the trees in the stores and especially our town bank.  So perfectly designed from the garland to the bows on the gifts under the tree.

My tree is not the most modern or coordinated in the world.  It’s a mix up of ornaments that DH and I feel brings back memories of our childhood.  There are also some homemade ornaments made in the past by me or Di.  So when we pull them out of their box and play music in the background, for a couple of hours we are transported to good times in the past and at the same time we create more good memories in the present time for the future.  It’s good to have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

For this project you will need:

* Clear glass ornaments with removable tops

* Paper cups

* Rubbing alcohol

* Pearl or glitter acrylic paint (I used Plaid Folk Art paints)

* Enamel acrylic paint (I used Plaid Folk Art enamel paints)

* Paint brushes


1. Remove cap and pour about a tablespoon of pearl or glitter paint inside of the ornament.  Slowly swirl the ornament until all of the inside surface is covered with paint.  Turn the ornament upside down into the paper cup and let the excess drip (I usually leave it for a week just to be sure).

2. Rub the outside of the glass with rubbing alcohol to remove oils and residue from handling.  Paint your chosen design with the enamel paint on the outside of the ornament. I’m sure stencils would work well also.  Let the ornament air dry for a couple of days.  It takes 21 days for it to dry to a permanent finish but if you’re sure no one will touch the ornaments while hanging on the tree, you should be able to display them 1 week after painting the outside.

So here is my question for you: With all the sights and sounds of the holiday season at home and in the community; which ones bring back memories of your childhood?

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October 30, 2011


Confessions… you hear them all the time on talk shows.  People are interviewed while sitting on a couch, spilling out their guts and shaking out their dirty laundry.  And we love to watch. Why?  Why do we stare and can’t keep our eyes from looking?  Maybe it’s because we are curious, nosy, or judgmental?

Washed CottonI think we watch because we can relate, even if it’s a character trait that is secretly held close to our chest like a royal flush at a high stakes poker game.  The reality is that we are all flawed.  Regardless of how famous you are, how much money you make or where you come from; we are all imperfect.

With that said, this week I couldn’t stop reading the posts from Marianne at the Songbird blog.  She bravely flung out her procrastination for all to see and in the process she dealt with her long list of forgotten tasks with abandon. I watched (and continue to watch) in awe of her sudden bursts of energy.  But something awesome happened to me also.  I got a boost of energy and started to go down my list of unfinished projects: completing the transfer of my blog from blogger to wordpress, creating a new logo for the new blog, completing the blog makeover, making a new avatar for the blog Facebook fan page, making a new background for the Twitter page.  The list goes on and on.  When DH saw that all my tasks were getting  done, he got a burst of energy and started working on his Honey Do List.

The confessor speaks to unload their burden.  There is relief in sharing hidden truths and a sense of accomplishment after taming an unwanted flaw.  But unaware to the confessor there is a byproduct of this action. People’s success is contagious and we use their positive energy to feed our own batteries to move forward.   Knowing that we are not alone makes it easier to deal with ourselves.

Don’t worry.  I’m not going to ask you to confess for this post.  I do want to know who are the bloggers you relate to?  Who makes you feel like you’re not alone?

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October 26, 2011


ZinniasAll the work put in to the annual flower garden last summer has paid off.  This is the 1st bouquet of flowers.  The sunflowers and cosmos should be blooming anytime soon and  I had enough flowers today to share with my neighbor.  This is a very easy project to do:

Matrials List

2 boards 10′ x 1″ x 6″

2 boards  3′ x 1″ x 6″

1 packet of seed each of : Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cosmos, Celosia, Snapdragon

3 Cu Ft Bale of Peat Moss (it expands to 6 Cu Ft)

6 Cu Ft Coarse Vermiculite

1 Bag each of Black Kow, Black Hen & Black Velvet (mushroom compost)


Hammer and nails


Old newspapers and cardboard


  1. Nail boards together to make a raise bed.  Place the bed in an area where there will be at least  5-6 hours of sun.  Cover the ground inside of the bed with the newspapers and cardboard.
  2. Spread tarp out next to the bed.  Dump peat moss, vermiculite and 3 bags of compost and mix well with the hoe.  Fill the bed with this mixture (Square Foot Gardening Mels Mix)
  3. Plant seeds following packet directions.  Water.
  4. Check the bed every day and make sure the soil is moist so the seeds can germinate.

Do not skimp on the soil ingredients.  I have been using this soil recipe for years and I always get great results.  I’m pretty sure I’ll add another flower bed next year but I’m undecided if I should plant more annuals or start a perennial bed.  If you had to pick 5 favorite flowers, what would they be?

Transformation Thursday

October 6, 2011


Don’t you just love a sale.  I found these cute little birdhouses for $1 each unfinished.  They’re very easy to adapt to your style.  The patterns on the roofs are handpainted, except for the middle one which is a Martha Stewart stencil.  If you don’t feel comfortable painting, you could Mod Podge the roofs with scrapbook paper.  Don’t forget to seal and prime them before painting.  These are too small to hang in our front tree.  If you’re planning to place your houses outside you will need to seal them as a final coat to protect the paint.  I have to figure out which room I’ll put them in…


Now I’d like to hear from you.  What color combinations would you use for your home?  Would you free hand paint the roofs and if so what would you paint?  What kind of scapbook paper would you use to Mod Podge them?

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