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January 25, 2012

Time Travel

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to travel back in time thanks to the Alafia River Rendezvous in Homeland, Florida.  The event is a pre 1840 representation of how fur trappers would gather once a year to trade.  This event is hosted annually by the Florida Frontiersmen.
Break time

For those of us who like period costumes, handmade crafts and the simplicity of days past, this is an event not to miss.  Be prepared to dress for the weather.  Closed shoes are a must.  The ground doesn’t have a lot of grass this time of the year and it can get pretty dirty.  I suggest sneakers as the camp is large and you will do a lot of walking.  I spent 2 hours at the site and didn’t even see half of the exhibit.  This year the weather was perfect and the skies provided a beautiful backdrop for pictures.
Trade area

When you first arrive, you are greated with folk music and then you realize you have just stepped into the 19th century.

Horse patrol

There is a market where you can eat buffalo burgers, elk chili and brunswick stew.  Artisans show their work and some even give demonstrations.


Here is the camp’s seamstress.  She’s known as the go to person for “time period” fashion advice.  Her shop has something for everyone.


Seamstress Shop

This is Laura Sylvester, a retired teacher from Kentucky who turned her love of history and textiles into lovely hand printed fabric.

Textile Artist

The fiber shop offered many yarns, threads and free weaving demonstrations.


I can’t wait for next year’s rendezvous. Now I know better to get there early so I have enough time to see all the sites. Who knows, maybe I’ll have my own period costume and can fit in with the crowd :)


September 2, 2010

Is my muse trying to tell me something?

My camera is not working and I’m so bummed out.  Photography is my 1st love and without a camera I feel at a loss.  I can talk all I want about crafts but the pictures really make the post.

Oh! and I forgot to post that Craft Hope asked people to stop the washcloth project.  I was 5 cloths short of my goal when I sent the last package.  I did learn a whole bunch of new stitches and I feel a lot more comfortable with crochet now.  Dare I say enough to try something more 3D?

The reason I’m blogging today is that I saw this article on Yahoo Finance.  Check out item number 2 on their list.  Just another reason why I should consider trying scrapbooking.

With all that is happening lately, maybe my muse is trying to tell me nicely it’s time to change mediums?  Or maybe it’s my compulsion to be Jane of all crafts and master of none…

July 12, 2010

Craft Hope Project 8 – Day 25

Craft Hope Day 25 I’m back from our mini vacation.  We finally had the chance to go to Savannah, GA.  It’s full of Southern charm and I would definitely recommend it for a honeymoon getaway.  On the way back we stopped one night in St. Agustine, FL to watch the 4th of July fireworks over the Lion’s bridge.

I did find time to work on my project while I was gone.  This double crochet washcloth pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn.  Slowly but surely I am reaching my goal.

July 8, 2010

Craft Hope Project 8 – Day 24

The temperature is rising as the days go by…and so is the grass.  This year I have been following the agricultural extention’s advice to keep the grass about 4 inches high.  It’s growing thick and lush and feels so cool on my feet when I walk barefoot on it.

Craft Hope Day 24Today’s washcloth is a cable stitch from Lion Brand Yarn. I’m a visual learner so the stitch diagram was very helpful for me. 24 washcloths done, 6 more to go.

July 3, 2010

Craft Hope Project 8 – Day 23

Craft Hope Day 23Three weeks into this project.  I can feel my crochet skills getting better an I’m feeling a little braver about doing more complicated patterns at a later date.  The great thing about crochet is that it’s very portable.  My hook and yarn have joined me during my summer trips.  It’s great to kill time while waiting at the airport or to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

This dishcloth pattern comes from Lily’s Sugar and Cream yarn site.  This is also the yarn I have been using for this project.  I’m loving the juicy summer colors that are in stock at the craft stores right now.