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October 6, 2011


Don’t you just love a sale.  I found these cute little birdhouses for $1 each unfinished.  They’re very easy to adapt to your style.  The patterns on the roofs are handpainted, except for the middle one which is a Martha Stewart stencil.  If you don’t feel comfortable painting, you could Mod Podge the roofs with scrapbook paper.  Don’t forget to seal and prime them before painting.  These are too small to hang in our front tree.  If you’re planning to place your houses outside you will need to seal them as a final coat to protect the paint.  I have to figure out which room I’ll put them in…


Now I’d like to hear from you.  What color combinations would you use for your home?  Would you free hand paint the roofs and if so what would you paint?  What kind of scapbook paper would you use to Mod Podge them?

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September 15, 2010

My First Scrapbooking Attempt

Scrap1I’ve been playing with a lot of paper lately.  I had this idea for a birthday card for my nephew who likes owls.  I sketched the owl on plain paper.  Then I cut up the sketch and used the pieces as patterns to trace on patternd card stock.  Mod Podge keeps the pieces together.

This is a scanned image and the number 10 looks much brighter than what it looks like on the original card. Boy do I miss my camera… Oh wait… didn’t I say that in the last 3 posts?

My nephew is quite the artist himself.  His preferred medium is clay and he had his 1st exhibit at his hometown public library last spring.  My sister sent me this snapshot.

Jr Owl

The apple doesn’t fall far from the Auntie tree : D

March 10, 2010

Feathered Friends

BirdsDon’t get me wrong. I’m not about to let them walk all over me like the cats do.  We have a symbiotic relationship.  I provide a clean bird bath with fresh water, bird feeders overflowing with bird seed and suet in a very cute little cage with a perch.

What do I get in return you ask?  I receive free services for organic pest control.  I also receive free stress relief.

Imagine this… sit in a comfy chair in your back yard after a long day at work.  Just listen to the breeze flow thru the leaves of the trees.  Watch happy birds flying above your home; soaring in the warm afternoon sky.  Feel their joy as they spash in the cool water in the bird bath or eat and sing at the feeder with no cares in the world.  Kick off your shoes and feel the cool grass between your toes.  Stretch and take a deep breath.  How do you feel now?

September 14, 2009

Sunflower seeds

SeedsOne of the reasons I love Florida is that we have 2 growing seasons. I started my cold crops last week. Today I collected the leftover dead sunflowers I planted last spring. After sharing some of the seeds with the birds, I crushed the dried centers, picked thru them and collected the seeds for next spring. I’m hoping for a good amount of flowers next summer.

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