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July 13, 2012

Calm Before the Storm


How come the sea looks so beautiful before a storm hits?

This is St Augustine Beach hours before Tropical Storm Beryl hit on the Memorial Day weekend.

September 19, 2011

The Sea

OK so I’m still on my beach kick.  Every time I go, I end up shelling with the kids.  This inspired me to create something beachy for the living room.

Materials List:

* 3 blank canvases 12″ x 12″

*Martha Stewart Crafts Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paint in Pool & Beach Glass

*Crushed Seashells

*Hot glue gun & glue



*Transfer paper



Paint 2 canvases with Beach Glass and one with Pool.  While they dry, go the computer.  Use your word processing software and write your phrase.  English/SEA, Spanish/MAR and French/MER work well for 3 canvases.  Use a font that is appealing to you.  Choose one with simple lines because the crushed shells are chunky and details don’t show up well.  Print each letter as big as the biggest letter can fit on 1 page.  Make sure all 3 letters are of the same size.

Plug in the hot glue gun.  Grab all 3 pages and using tranfer paper and a stylus, trace the letters on to the canvas.  Use the ruler to help you center the letters.  Fill in the traced letters with hot glue in 1/2 inch sections and sprinkle the crushed shells on to the glue.  Tap lightly careful not to touch the burning hot glue.  Cool a little, hold the canvas over the tray and tap the leftover crushed shells into the tray.  Continue to fill up sections with glue and crushed shells until the entire traced letter is covered.  Let it dry overnight, then hang.


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September 6, 2011

The Beach

I think it’s kind of obvious I love the beach.  Living in Florida gives me more than enough to pick from.

Ft De Soto5

Ft De Soto reminds me of the beaches in Puerto Rico. There are plenty of shady trees to relax and have a picnic.

Duniden, FL

 Sunsets on the Gulf like this one in Dunedin are so beautiful, people clap when the sun sets.


 Are you a morning person? How about a sunrise swim in the Atlantic like my daughter did in St. Augustine?


I <3 the beach!