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March 30, 2010

Last Scarf of this Cold Season

I received my skein of free Country yarn from Caron.  Just in time for Easter.  I was beginning to think they wouldn’t send it to me after so many people asked for a skein on Facebook.  I have to say that I was not disappointed.  The color is a bright happy yellow.  It’s very soft with a slight sheen that makes it look elegant once it’s stitched into a piece.


I asked the Caron on Facebook for a pattern and Vickie Howell sent a link for a very cute scarf.  A little too frilly for a woman my age.  I decided to use Lion Brand Pattern #90114AD Glitzy Accent Scarf.  Once again I fall in love with Caron’s yarn, but I find Lion Brand has more “modern” patterns on their site.

March 6, 2010

Pretty Purse

Spring is on it’s way.  Slowy buy surely it’s getting closer to Florida.  With the new weather comes a new wardrobe.  Light colors, breezy fabrics…I’m loving it all.

So here is a new purse I made with some very pretty cotton fabric.  I decided to push myself a little and it wasn’t as hard to assemble as I thought it would be.
I changed the contrast fabric a bit so the yoke and handles are different than the pleated part both inside and out.  I also added extra pockets inside because I still don’t feel brave enough to tackle an inside zipper pocket.


The pleated purse pattern is a pdf download at the My Spare Time blog.


January 19, 2010

Fighting Jack Frost

I have commited blogging sin by not posting for about 2 months.  I had family in and out of my home and they deserved my full attention.  I hope my followers understand and do the same when they have visitors.

Most of you know about the 3 weeks of cold weather in FL.  It caught me by surprise as I got rid of my winter clothes when I moved.  So now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to do some crafting for me.

FL Frost

I still refuse to wear a winter jacket in FL, but the above accesories can help me keep warm. I used Lion Brand Patterns: All Season Wristers #80703AD and North Pole Ruffle Scarf #90326AD.

Sorry Lion Brand, I didn’t use your yarn for theses projects. I love Homespun but couldn’t find the right color I wanted and the Sock-Ease colors are, dare I say, dull?!? I used Deborah Norville Serenity in Sapphire for the wristers and Caron Simply Soft Eco in Ocean for the scarf.

Bring it on Jack Frost…I’m ready for you now…I think…

September 29, 2009

D1D Label

Ok. So the Holidays are aproaching fast and money is really tight. Plus I have a slight problem when it comes to crafting. If I don’t finish the project in one sitting…I usually never finish it. So I have been searching for projects that can be done in 1 day and can be given as a gift. Hence the new D1D label. All projects I finish in a day will have this label. Keep in mind they might be done faster or longer depending on your crafting skills.

This weekend was very productive. Besides finishing my sewing nook, I also made a couple of D1D crafts:


Dishcloths are quick and easy to make. Pair them with wooden cooking spoons and a rafia bow or package them up with handmade soap.   I used Lily’s Sugar and cream 100% cotton yarn for this one. There are plenty of patterns on their site.

Hats are great for friends and relatives who live up North.  I actually used one pattern for the Cloche that Purple Kitty posted at her site and the Brilliant flower pattern from Patons.   Sewing projects will be posted soon. Happy crafting!

September 25, 2009

Scarf Pattern from Purple Kitty

I really enjoyed this crochet pattern from Purple Kitty. It was very easy to follow. I used left over Caron Simply Soft yarn which has a nice drape to it.

Crochet Scarf