Carrots are devine… You get a dozen for a dime… It’s maaaa-gic! – Bugs Bunny, Rabbit Every Monday, 1951

Carrots 12

My favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny. What’s not to love: he’s smart, cute and he eats crunchy carrots.  I even named my first rabbit Bugs.

So carrots became one of my favorite veggies when I was a kid.  Sweet and colorful…too bad we always had them cooked.  I didn’t get to taste their crunchy goodness until I was an adult.  But now not only do I get to eat them raw, I grow them myself and boy what a difference.  They are so sweet, they should come with a Nutrition Fact label on them.  I’m sure all the healthy goodness will cancel out the very small amount of sugar :)

Florida soil is great for growing carrots.  They seem to have no trouble streching down into the sand.  The trick is to get them started.

I personally don’t do the row thing.  I just sprinkle the seeds evenly over the area in the garden where I want them to grow.  The seeds are very tiny so I don’t cover them with dirt.  The soil requires several sprays a day to keep the delicate sprouts from drying up, but once they have about 2-3 stems about 2-3″ tall I know I’ll be getting a reward.  Yes Bugs, it’s like magic!


2 Comments to “Carrots”

  1. Awesome! I live in FL, and I had no idea it was good carrot soil. We’ll definitely be trying them. When is a good time to plant?

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