Out with the old. In with the new.

New YearsWell this is the last post of 2011.  And just like a roller coaster, the year was full of ups and downs.  It started so bad for us with the death of my DBL, my neighbor and our beloved cat Luna, all in less than 3 weeks.  Then we watched my sister deal with chemo from afar.  My Dad suffered several heart attacks and his prognosis is not a good one.

But God is good and only dishes out things He knows we can handle.  So not everything in 2011 was bad.  I won my 1st online give away from the lovely Sew It All team.  The timing was so perfect as I received the box when I got back from my DBL’s funeral and I split the goodies with my grieving DML.

Then I found my great grandparents on the 1910 census records on Ancestry.com.  My Dad then confirms they were farmers and were known as the Pigeon Pea Clan. Di decided to do the Relay for Life and raised a good amount of money to fight cancer.

I survived the March 31st tornado hiding in my linen closet.  The only loss we suffered was a chunk of the loquat tree being ripped off.  After Main Coon kitty’s constant lonely cries we decided to adopt another kitty; a Chartreux mix we call Niza.  She has brought much-needed laughter to the home even thought she drives us crazy :P

Journey picked my sister as one of the fan VIP winners for their concert live on the Today show.  It was the 1st time she had the chance to actually touch the hand of one of the band members.  I cheered while I watched her on TV.

I was brave enough to move and makeover this blog.  I also added an annual flower bed to the garden to produce constant arrangements for the house and some extra to share with others.  And speaking of sharing, how about my mission trip to Honduras?  I met wonderful people in Moroceli and hope to one day see them again.

So when you go out to celebrate the New Year and say good-bye to all the bad stuff that happened, don’t forget to include the good things on your list.  I can almost bet they will out number the bad.  Celebrate all the good stuff that happened…the best is yet to come!

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