Treasure Hunting

The weather here in Central Florida was perfect last Saturday. I decided to head out to the 39 Mile Scenic Highway Yard Sale. I missed it last year. This year I made sure to make time to go. It runs along scenic highway state road 17 from Haines City to Frostproof.

I started the day early. First stop was St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Haines City. I saw a couple of baskets but decided not to buy them because they looked too big to hang on the walls of my little house. The ladies at the tables were very friendly. Too bad they didn’t have any maps to hand out to customers but they did let me know the “official” stops were all marked with big orange flags.Melonie's Cafe

Empty handed I left and drove all the way to downtown Dundee. I saw 2 unofficial yard sales and a café that looked interesting so I parked. Again I left the tables with my cash intact but decided it was time to get breakfast and lucky me I found a little gem.

Melonies, Main st, Dundee

Melonie’s Café is a quaint restaurant with a family friendly atmosphere. I was promptly seated, given a menu and served fresh hot coffee. The waitress recommended their house stir fry’s and I was not disappointed. I watched as the owner, Melonie cooked my meal at the grill, assured me my dish would be served soon and directed her staff all at the same time like a seasoned orchestra conductor. The meal was made with fresh ingredients and the toasted rye bread was hearty and full of flavor. I noticed the staff knew all the patrons names and by the time I left, Melonie and her staff also knew mine. I will return with DH for sure.

Lake of the Hills Community Center

With a full tummy I headed out to Lake of the Hills Community Clubhouse. I was greeted by a friendly elderly woman who invited me to come back for a dinner event later in the month. She had plenty of maps but when she handed me one, I realized I missed one of the stops. Some of the shoppers mentioned the Dundee Community Center stop was not open, so I didn’t miss out after all. I found a cute Americana chest and some whimsical up cycled birdhouses, but nothing I wanted to bring back home.Americana chest

Whimsical upcycled birdhouses

I continued driving down the highway past Lake Wales. I could see Bok Towers in the distance. At the Lake Wales Care Center Thrift Shop I found 2 books on how to build little houses for a dollar each and yes they ended up coming home with me. Driving thru Babson Park I stopped at the Ridge Audubon Center. Again I was greeted by very friendly staff and was immediately invited to walk their ¼ mile trail. I made a mental note to return to this stop to take pictures, possibly in the Spring. Further down in Babson Park I bought a Depression glass frog that I’ve wanted to have for a while. Across the street the antique store pulled out beautiful furniture on to the sidewalk. Inside they were full of china, kitchen gadgets, paintings, dishes and more furniture.

Last but not least was downtown Frostproof. Part of the center of the town was closed off and several tables were set up with books, leather belts, clothes and jewelry.

Downtown Frosproof

The entire drive took me 3-4 hours including my breakfast stop. In between stops the vistas were very pretty. It’s a shame there were no areas built on the side of the road to park and take photos. I will return another day when there is less traffic to take a couple of shots.

Lake of the Hills

So with the 2 books, the glass frog and the café I called it a winning day!

Yard sale treasures

What new places have you wanted to go to? Do you drive around just for the ride and the views? What places have you discovered by just driving around?

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2 Comments to “Treasure Hunting”

  1. Great description of your venture. I really enjoyed reading this and felt like I was right along with you. Thanks for sharing.

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