Confessions… you hear them all the time on talk shows.  People are interviewed while sitting on a couch, spilling out their guts and shaking out their dirty laundry.  And we love to watch. Why?  Why do we stare and can’t keep our eyes from looking?  Maybe it’s because we are curious, nosy, or judgmental?

Washed CottonI think we watch because we can relate, even if it’s a character trait that is secretly held close to our chest like a royal flush at a high stakes poker game.  The reality is that we are all flawed.  Regardless of how famous you are, how much money you make or where you come from; we are all imperfect.

With that said, this week I couldn’t stop reading the posts from Marianne at the Songbird blog.  She bravely flung out her procrastination for all to see and in the process she dealt with her long list of forgotten tasks with abandon. I watched (and continue to watch) in awe of her sudden bursts of energy.  But something awesome happened to me also.  I got a boost of energy and started to go down my list of unfinished projects: completing the transfer of my blog from blogger to wordpress, creating a new logo for the new blog, completing the blog makeover, making a new avatar for the blog Facebook fan page, making a new background for the Twitter page.  The list goes on and on.  When DH saw that all my tasks were getting  done, he got a burst of energy and started working on his Honey Do List.

The confessor speaks to unload their burden.  There is relief in sharing hidden truths and a sense of accomplishment after taming an unwanted flaw.  But unaware to the confessor there is a byproduct of this action. People’s success is contagious and we use their positive energy to feed our own batteries to move forward.   Knowing that we are not alone makes it easier to deal with ourselves.

Don’t worry.  I’m not going to ask you to confess for this post.  I do want to know who are the bloggers you relate to?  Who makes you feel like you’re not alone?

Linking to Songbird”s Saturday Linky Party.


2 Comments to “Confessions”

  1. Oh wow, I am so happy that I inspired you to work on that huge to-do list. Seems like you really got your online life in order.
    Your blog makeover looks so pretty. Job well done!

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