Spring 2011

After a long and painful winter…I’m back.  Hubby and I will not forget this one.  Our faithful little Luna got sick again.  Di came over and spent her last Christmas with her.  Several days later she went to kitty heaven.  A couple of weeks later both my brother in law and my neighbor passed away.  I spoke of all three of them in this post.  Now my sister is fighting cancer.

So as you can see, we’ve had a tough couple of months filled with sadness.  I decided to retreat and not blog giving myself the time to feel and mourn.  It’s a necessary part of life.  You just can’t fully appreciate joy and happiness if you don’t have sadness to compare it to.  But sadness is temporary, just like winter.  Happines does return just like spring does every year.  And boy do I love spring…

I love how the dead looking perrenials come back to life and bloom…


I love how new life starts again and babies are all around us…


And I love how the days start becoming longer and light fills my home…

Rocking Chair

May the new season revive the old, bring the new and fill your days with light!


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