The Season of Thanks

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Just like every year, I’m concentrating my thoughts and time towards my family and home during the holidays. So blogging just has to go to the back burner. It doesn’t make any sense to blog about things you can do for your home if you’re not participating in the moment with your family. Being present when they need you the most is necessary to maintain a family. Pretty crafts and tasty dishes do not mean a thing without them.

This week I received a lovely package from my co-workers up in Massachusetts. It was a cute soup bowl with a snow theme and filled with little chocolates. Simple you might think… but you don’t know the story behind it. Every year during this busy holiday time, we would type and assemble literature for Open Enrollment for the employees. After that we would pack and hit the road for a couple of days. This workload was on top of our regular workload making it a very stressful time. Our solution was simple…have a little piece of chocolate, smile and drive on.

Why is this present so important this year? I won’t be able to help the HR team this year. I have to take time off to help my sister who is ill. I’m sure they can hear my concern over the phone even though the words never pass thru my lips. So the package is a great reminder to have a chocolate and drive on. Things will always work out in the end.

Small gestures always move me and in response I made the team a small gift for each of them.

  • Folk Art Paint – Baby Pink & Light Peony
  • Follk Art Glitter Paint – Silver
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • 6” x8” canvas panel
  • Gel Medium
  • Folk Art Floating Medium
  • Spray adhesive
  • Silver wire ribbon
  • Words or phrases printed with a laser printer
  • Hot Glue gun

1. Cover the canvas with 2 coats of Baby Pink. Let it dry.

2. Double load a flat brush with Light Peony paint and Floating Medium. Paint around all the edges with the floating medium towards the inside of the painting surface. Let it dry.

3. Cut a 3” square of scrapbook paper. Cut another piece ¾” x 3 1/4” rectangle from another piece of scrapbook paper. Attach to the canvas with gel medium and let it dry.

4. Tap the top portion of the canvas randomly with silver glitter paint. Let dry.

5. Cover the entire canvas with a very thin coat of floating medium. Let dry.

6. Cut the silver ribbon and make a small bow. Attach with the hot glue gun.

7. Cut the words to be used. Spray the backside with spray adhesive and place on the canvas. Let dry.

Tips: Other color combos I used: Jamaican Sea/Calypso Sky and Lime Yellow/Yellow Citron. Play with the size of the words and the fonts. Make sure you use laser printed text so it doesn’t smear with the moist adhesive.  If you’re bow challenged like me, wire ribbon is a must


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