Leap of Faith

You got to love your kids.  Especially they way they communicate with you when the’re older.  Di has returned to the US after a 2 month stay in Costa Rica.  She acomplished all the goals she set for herself: learn how enviromental protection laws have benefited the country, document how they they manage their sustainable agriculture and become fully bilingual.  Every week she made contact with us and sent pictures of all her travels.  She made a quick stop here to FL before heading to her next adventure.  Before leaving, she left me this video…

Ahhh, yeah.  I love how she just handed me the DVD, took off, never said anything to me and I find out she went bunjee jumping when I decide to watch it.  If you are a Mom, you know what I’m talking about.  But that is so her, brave and free.

I couldn’t get that image of her free falling out of my mind.  I can relate to it because I’m a lucid dreamer and in my dreams I can fly whenever I want to.  The feeling is awsome and liberating.  It’s the same feeling any crafter or artist feels when they are creating something.  We don’t know how it will all end, but it doesn’t matter because the journey is what we enjoy.

Flying Muse


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