Is my muse trying to tell me something?

My camera is not working and I’m so bummed out.  Photography is my 1st love and without a camera I feel at a loss.  I can talk all I want about crafts but the pictures really make the post.

Oh! and I forgot to post that Craft Hope asked people to stop the washcloth project.  I was 5 cloths short of my goal when I sent the last package.  I did learn a whole bunch of new stitches and I feel a lot more comfortable with crochet now.  Dare I say enough to try something more 3D?

The reason I’m blogging today is that I saw this article on Yahoo Finance.  Check out item number 2 on their list.  Just another reason why I should consider trying scrapbooking.

With all that is happening lately, maybe my muse is trying to tell me nicely it’s time to change mediums?  Or maybe it’s my compulsion to be Jane of all crafts and master of none…


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