Reflecting on Mother’s Day…

I know…I know…  I’ve been gone for while.  The garden has taken up so much of my time this year.  Our 4 week winter did a lot of damage to my plants so I had to get to the uncomfortable task of digging up dead plants.  I still have 4 young trees to remove.  The veggie garden is in full swing and starting to produce.  Time does not stand still when it comes to gardening, so crafting and creating has been put aside.  Except for yesterday.  My mandatory day off.

As soon my daughter was old enough to cook and craft, she made a Mother’s day rule forbidding me to work.  I was to spend the day in my jammies letting her bring me my meals and enjoying the Sunday newspaper.  She’s in college now, but I still follow her “rule”, not doing a thing and letting my body rest.

So I rested my body but my mind kept drifting.  This year there where a lot of changes in the family.  We lost a great friend who was an amazing Mom.  We gained a daughter in law who is new to being a Mom.  Friends and family had babies this year.  It got me thinking about what I enjoy the most about being a Mom.

So I ended up breaking the rule of doing nothing to create something.  Thanks to my daughter for being such a wonderful kid.  To all the Mom’s, spend lots of time with you kids and take tons of pictures… time flies and it waits for no one.


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