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January 20, 2010

Whistle while you work…

Oranges2Waste not want not.  A couple of oranges fell in my backyard :-)

While I’m gathering the dried sheets on the clothesline, I can hear the machinery and orange pickers very busy at work. Happy mexican music plays full blast from their radio. It reminds me that even the hardest task is made easier if approached with joy, purpose & music!

Now what to do with the oranges…hmmm

January 19, 2010

Fighting Jack Frost

I have commited blogging sin by not posting for about 2 months.  I had family in and out of my home and they deserved my full attention.  I hope my followers understand and do the same when they have visitors.

Most of you know about the 3 weeks of cold weather in FL.  It caught me by surprise as I got rid of my winter clothes when I moved.  So now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to do some crafting for me.

FL Frost

I still refuse to wear a winter jacket in FL, but the above accesories can help me keep warm. I used Lion Brand Patterns: All Season Wristers #80703AD and North Pole Ruffle Scarf #90326AD.

Sorry Lion Brand, I didn’t use your yarn for theses projects. I love Homespun but couldn’t find the right color I wanted and the Sock-Ease colors are, dare I say, dull?!? I used Deborah Norville Serenity in Sapphire for the wristers and Caron Simply Soft Eco in Ocean for the scarf.

Bring it on Jack Frost…I’m ready for you now…I think…